Student Discounted Registration

Student Discounted Registration
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**IMPORTANT** All fields are Required. Before you submit, please make sure to complete ALL fields in this form. Student Participation Type:  Student Status:  Participant First Name (in English letters): Middle Initial/Name (in English letters) : Participant Last Name (in English letters): Name and Title for Badge (Dr.,Mr.,Ms.,Mrs.): If you are a presenter or author of an invited paper - please indicate the name of the person organizing your session otherwise type N/A: Registration Rule: At least one unique registration per submission ID is required. For multiple accepted submissions, a different author must register for each submission:  AHFE 2021 Submission ID Number - if you havent submitted yet then type N/A: University Name or Affiliation: Address: City: State/Province (e.g. Florida or N/A): Zip/Postal Code (e.g. 32816 or N/A) : Country:  Daytime Telephone with country code - no spaces: Participant E-mail: AHFE Research Mine Access to Digital Library:  Multi-Conference Registration Deal: :  Emergency Contact Name (in English letters): : Emergency Contact Telephone: : I will submit official letter indicating my current student status:  Person Submitting Payment (if other than participant): Email of Person Submitting Payment (if other than participant):

Registration Description

**IMPORTANT: To qualify for a student discount, please submit an official letter (in English) from your University or School, duly signed and stamped, indicating your current student status. When submitting your registration form/payment, please send a scanned copy of this letter to:

All personal and financial information is submitted via a secure link (SSL).